Legislation: What does the Act mean for car dealers?

“The right to reject goods or right to a refund are key concerns. For example, a customer request to an agreement to repair may apply to ONE fault or MORE than one fault; however, the supplying dealer only has ONE shot at the repair process.

Consequently, if one component of a vehicle is repaired or replaced but then later fails again, or if a second unrelated component fails then an “escalated” right to price reduction or final right to reject are automatically triggered.” It is imperative that the dealer can prove that the vehicle did not have the fault at the time of purchase, and in doing so would not then be liable under the Act.

The Legislation is good news for car buyers and car dealers should be embracing this newfound consumer confi­dence and looking at ways to engage with consumers who enter the buying cycle because of it!
Talk to the team at Auto Union about helping to improve your confidence in your own sales and pre-delivery processes, ensuring that you have adequate protection in place for your business and are able to embrace the opportunities that the Act brings.

CRA 15 Explained