Why AU Finance

We are not a bank we are a broker.

We have a comprehensive lending portfolio of products to help your business reach out to a wider reaching customer demographic.

Our PCP products are market leading.

Our rapid underwriting times means that you can get decisions in minutes.

Does your current provider offer a full concierge service on your non-prime applications?

Our Sign and Fund team will guide your customer through the entire application process from start to finish.

Our Intergrations

Our System (Qatcha) is fully intergrated with the industry’s major software and DMS providers, this includes:
Auto Convert

Lender Intergrations.

Qatcha is the only broking platform that can facilitate a full end to end online car Finance sales journey using our 13 fully integrated bank and lender integrated solutions.

Our system never sleeps!

Make sure you catch every opportunity even if its’ outside of normal opening hours. Our decision processes are not just faster but are more accurate too, so dealers can be confident great customer outcomes are being delivered every time.

Instant decisions

Qatcha helps bridge the gap between online and showroom sales. Regardless of how your sale is done, instant decisions allow opportunities to be converted quickly whilst customers are on site. Preventing sales from slipping through the net is what Qatcha was designed to do.